Below is a collection of commonly-asked questions centered around the HaywirePad protocol.

How long do the voting periods last?

The voting period for listings on HaywirePad lasts three (3) days.

Can one buy more than once during a fundraising process?

Yes, one can purchase more than once provided the cumulative amount of $AZERO bought is less than or equal to the maximum amount of tokens per person.

How can I claim funds raised for my project on HaywirePad?

Connect the wallet submitted for the redemption of tokens during your listing application and visit your project's information page. You can redeem the raised $AZERO once it's past the fundraising round.

How can I apply for staking pool listing?

Send a mail to hello@haywirepad.org. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to proceed with the next steps.

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