Users can stake on low-risk project tokens to earn passive income in form of rewards in tokens; which offers attractive APY.

Staking is a fundamental feature of HaywirePad, allowing community members to demonstrate their confidence and commitment to projects. By staking their tokens, community members actively participate in the success of projects and may receive rewards or benefits in return.

Staking is vital in engaging the community and fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility within the HaywirePad ecosystem.

HaywirePad ensures that users have access to more secure staking programmes by providing them with vetted project listings, which can contribute to the stability of the utility token price and increase the value of their holding wallets.

You'll have to pay a fee of 1 $AZERO in order to redeem (claim) your staking rewards at any point in time.

To create a staking pool for your project tokens, contact hello@haywirepad.org to apply.

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