🔓KYC Guidelines

Our security measures to ensure investments are safer and more credible.

Building a reliable launchpad for safer and properly vested crypto projects is a trademark we work to achieve. We have employed a KYC process for all project owners to ensure this is upheld. This ensures that investors decide well on a project's fundraising process.

The HaywirePad KYC process is thorough and less rigorous in contrast to other launchpads.

The green tick is issued after these conditions are satisfied.

Government-issued Identity document

We carefully review submitted copies of government-issued identity documents (International Passports, National IDs, etc.) of the paramount project founder or representative.

30-minute convo time

Additionally, a 30-minute video call with a project representative to discuss the project and conduct a thorough assessment of the project's purpose, objectives, and value proposition. This virtual meeting helps us vet the project's business model and execution plan for credibility.


Badges on the listed project profiles represent the KYC stages undergone by each project. Below are the two levels of assessments.

This badge indicates that a project's team is vetted and its members' profiles are public. This indication helps investors in the HaywirePad ecosystem have a fair knowledge of developers for each project they invest in. Clicking on this indicator on any project's information screen leads to a page where all the team profile information can be accessed.

The "audit" badge portrays the project's source codes have been reviewed and certified by a renowned audit firm. Once clicked, this leads to a repository or file in which the audit documentation from the renowned firm is contained.

These assessments do not indicate that a project presented by the HaywirePad team to investors is free from malicious acts. You are solely responsible for your choice of crypto investment and are encouraged to research before investing.

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