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$HWR Tokenomics

With a total supply of 500 million, $HWR is the official utility token of the HaywirePad platform and will offer its holders exclusive benefits and access to its amazing features.
Below is the tokenomics for the $HWR token:
$HWR Tokenomics
Note that the private sale and public sale tokens will be released daily for a period of 60 days, while airdrop tokens will be released 2 months after launch.
Token name: HaywirePad
Token Symbol: $HWR
Total Supply: 500 million
Token Decimals: 8
Token Standard: PSP22
Contract Address:
Testnet: 5G9mpWzSkNdqzGCKNQ57NXVSUEuR1Y4fGKs6o5GbuFaXF7pr
Mainnet: 5EQzCHQWwZhrQNcFb6PUar2U8XvRyHbbo52jAAYDyYcwJZkZ
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