🤷Why HaywirePad?

What we offer at the table

With an ever-increasing population of investors on the Aleph Zero network, our team has organized an efficient protocol to safely connect investors to viable projects while creating perks and benefits for all using the protocol. Project owners are equipped with:

  • A ready audience of investors in our community to vote for the credibility of their project and aid an effective marketing campaign.

  • A swift KYC process to maintain the project launch momentum.

  • A well-structured fundraising platform to facilitate an efficient sale.

While benefits are available, they are not limited to project owners only. Investors can enjoy the following perks:

  • A secure platform for investing in crypto projects.

  • Vetted projects to invest funds in after doing their due diligence.

  • Voting power to decide on projects aspiring to launch on HaywirePad.

  • Passive income & low-risk staking.

  • A fee-free staking experience; they can withdraw at any time they wish to as well.

As much as we're facilitating a fluid fundraising process on our protocol, 100% safety isn't guaranteed when dealing with Web3 projects, given their decentralized modus operandi, hence we sincerely urge our users to do their due diligence before investing in any project listed on HaywirePad.

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